Chinese Business Case Competition

Ever imagined to win a case for a direct INTERNSHIP??

As one of BizChina Club’s leading events, Chinese Business Case Competition (CBCC) provides an opportunity for students to work with innovation and collaboration to embrace business environments of the uprising Chinese economy.

In teams of 4, competitors will be provided with real-life cases based on the market environments of China today and will be expected to analyze, define issues, critique and develop strategies to overcome potential problems within the case.

Outline of Competition

Selected competing teams will be informed of their successful application early December and will be given 3 weeks to work on a business case, forming a business analysis report equipped with originality, creativity, innovation and suitability.
(Further instructions will be included in the cases)
Deadline for report: December 31st, 2011.

*Individuals are welcome to apply, simply let us know at or contact any one of our executives and we will group you with other participants*

Finalist teams moving onto the second round will receive a real-world business case and given 6 hours to prepare a presentation to a panel of prestigious judges representing VBNF.

Bonus Session

After each team have finished writing their case, you have the option of writing a concise summary of your case in Chinese. You will be judged based on mainly writing skills, conciseness and professionalism by our judges from Chinese businesses. We encourage each team to find at least one Chinese candidate to form multicultural teams!!


Grand Prize:
Cash prize of $200
Once in a lifetime internship opportunity provided by VBNF
UBC BizChina lifetime membership

Second Prize:
Cash prize of $100
Exclusive private networking opportunity with VBNF
UBC BizChina lifetime membership

Most Active, Creative and Innovative Participants (X4):
UBC BizChina lifetime membership


Click HERE to view the Application Package.

Please send application packages to by 11:59 PM Sunday November 27, 2011.

We look forward to seeing your application.

-BizChina Team
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