[CCP]&[CUS Sustainability] Upcycling Clothing Drive

It”s time to clean out your closet!! CUS Sustainability and CCP are holding a clothing drive to help promote Rise Upcycling, a social enterprise that was founded by UBC students.

Rise Upcycling”s Movement:
“Inspired by the eternal life-cycle of the Phoenix, Rise is a social enterprise committed to fueling mass market demand for recycled and upcycled clothing.

All Rise pieces are made from Ashes (donated clothing). By creating high quality designer outfits from these Ashes, Rise strives to redefine how the vast majority of society views buying second-hand by bringing sexy back to thrift.

Rise is not only dedicated to sustainability, but also to youth empowerment and the creative arts. 100% of Rise pieces are designed and created by local youth fashion designers. Through atoledo.com Rise, young designers have an opportunity to explore their creative skills in a professional environment, and to make money doing what they love. Our logo – The Red Feather – allows those who wear Rise to proudly communicate their beliefs and association to the movement, in style.”

So dig out those clothes you haven”t worn in over a year and donate them to a great cause. They don”t have to be in top notch condition either, Rise will turn them into master pieces by the time they are through.

Where can you donate clothing? CA Hall
When can you donate clothing? 11-3 Tuesday- Thursday

Check out their website to read more on Rise Upcycling



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