Case Competition Club Executive Team 2017-2018 Hiring

* Want to gain case experience? There are two ways:

1. Participate in case competitions

2. Join the Case Competition Club Executive Team for 2017-2018!

* Why do you need case experience?

1. Big firms look for these experiences on your resume and gives you an advantage against other applicants

2. It is part of some interview processes

3. Senior commerce courses at Sauder do case analysis projects (gives you prior exposure and will help you get a better mark)

4. Build stronger professional networks that can land you a job in the future (better chances if you work for them, in this case, be a part of Case Competition Club)

5. Build copious skills crucial for the future such as better
analytical skills

6. Additional experience in a particular industry of interest

7. And more!

* Interested? Case Competition Club is hiring for these positions:

– VP Finance
– VP Corporate Relations (2)*
– VP Visual Media
– VP Internal
– VP Logistics (2)*
– VP Marketing

(2) means we are hiring two people for that position.

Please see our Hiring Package for more details and job descriptions:

* Application Process:

1. Please fill out the Google Form:

2. Please send a one-page resume outlining your most relevant experiences to Ivy Hui and Sarah Wang at

3. Naming convention for resume: FirstChoicePosition_LastName_FirstName.pdf

4. Email subject line: CCC Executive Application – First Choice Position

Please address any questions or concerns to Ivy Hui and Sarah Wang at

[Note: Co-op candidates must be available to attend bi-weekly team meetings and all club events.]