Board of Directors Meeting September 13th, 2015 | Quick Re-Cap

The fifth and first CUS Board Meeting of academic year was held on  Thursday September 10th at 5:00pm, during the 1.5 hour long meeting:

  • Sauder Summit represented to the Board and received $35,000 in SPF funding
    • Original request was $45,000
    • Last year’s approved request (2014) was $30,000
  • Rajeev Bagga and Rachel Chan have been appointed as interim-AMS reps until new AMS reps have been elected
  • Board and Executive Performance Reviews will be in effect starting September 14th, 2015
  • An in-camera (for the sake of respecting the individual’s privacy) discussion was held in regards to whether or not a non-Sauder student could be a CUS Executive
    • Result: VP Marketing has resigned due to the fact they are no longer a Sauder student
    • Job posting of VP Marketing will be available and the CUS will re-hire for this position
  • The next Senator meeting will be on September 16th at 6pm at the The Victoria Lecture Theatre
    • Interim President, Martha Piper, will be chairing the meeting
    • Meeting is open to the general public
  • 190/290 (2/3rds) of lockers have been rented out already
  • CUS snapchat has been created (@cusonline)
  • If first years want to get their card activated for the CUS lounge, they can either go to the 4th floor or email with their UBC Card information on the back of the card.

Click here to see the snapshot of the 5-hour meeting.

Due to audio difficulties, we regret to inform you that the livestream has a high pitch audio noise. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.