Quick Recap|Board of Directors Meeting December 13

The seventh CUS Board Meeting was held on Sunday December 13th at 9:00am, during the 2-hour meeting the following was covered:

  • Justin’s Passion Project
  • PVCC Presentation
  • CUS History
  • CUS Historian
  • Term 1 Milestones
  • Board and executive updates
  • Committee Reports

Justin’s Passion Project

Overview: A Case Competition that is based on CUS as an organization and its goals of Transparency, Unity, and relationship.

  • Held on January 26th
  • Contestants act as consultants to the CUS.
  • The winning teams can take their proposal forward and will be considered by the CUS
  • In partnership with the Case Competition Club

Goal: Involvement from the student body and understanding of the CUS. Action item:

  • Find judges for the competition
  • Get in contact with alumni, past CUS execs or presidents
  • Purpose prizes
  • Amending and editing the case
  • Promote Case Competition during Commerce Week

See the presentation at the 4:35 minute mark. See the Board’s Q&A at the 14:45 minute mark.

Pacific Venture Capital Conference & Competition

Overview: 32,000 asking for in funding additional 10,000 from last year’s funding

  • International competition give them opportunity to network induction to venture capital and entrepreneurship
  • Geared towards 3rd and 4th years

Goal: fills void between entrepreneurship and venture capital Action item:  Decision : TBA See the presentation at the 4:35 minute mark. See the Board’s Q&A at the 14:45 minute mark.

CUS History

Overview: A walk though of the history of the CUS starting from 1940s. Interesting facts:

  • Started off as a club in the arts department and the CUS officially formed on October 10th 1944
  • First building was a 36ft by 24ft hut behind Brock Hall
  • Ran a dating service in 1948 the same year Bill Sauder graduated
  • UBC School of Commerce Founded in 1950
  • CUSunday was called the balance sheet in 1955, the same year Robert H. Lee graduated
  • POITS founded in 1960
  • $2.00 student fee established in 1970
  • FROSH , Me Inc si born , school renamed Sauder in the 2000s

Action item: Input the information on the new website Goal: Make the CUS History accessible to commerce students See the presentation at the 1:13:50 minute mark. TAYLOR’S PRESENTATION: Committee Reports at:                                                                          2:47:38 minute mark Board and executive Update: Board Update: AMS Representatives’ Report                                  1:30:38 minute mark

  • Council passed motion for students to boycott UBC food services in response to the recent international student increases
  • A commerce student feedback report on international tuition increase will be released
  • AMS block party will be taking place in thunderbird stadium on a trial run basis this year
  • $600,000 loss due to the delay opening of The Nest as well as lost traffic

Ombuds Report:                                                           2:00:00 minute mark

2015 Milestones Term 1:

  • President update at:                                                         10:53 minute mark
  • VP External Affairs update at:                                    1:03:40 minute mark
  • VP Finance update at:                                               1:05:48 minute mark
  • VP Internal Affairs update at:                                  1:15:20 minute mark
  • VP Marketing update at:                                              1:16:50 minute mark
  • VP Student Engagement update at:                        1:26:30 minute mark
  • VP Academic Affairs update at:                                 1:00:53 minute mark

See the live stream of the meeting below: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yV1zJlp3slQ