November 15th 2015 BOARD MEETING RECAP


The sixth CUS Board Meeting was held on Sunday November 15th at 9:00am, during the 2-hour meeting the following was covered:

  • The Awards Night Committee presentation
  • Board and Executive updates
  • Committee Reports
  • Ombudsperson discussion
  • Nomination for the Academic Committee and Building Users Committee

Awards Night Committee Presentation

Overview: The Awards & Recognition Committee will be hosting an annual, year-end banquet where all CUS students and faculty members are invited to. Rather than focusing solely on CUS service and club achievements, the banquet is positioned as a year-end celebration open to all. The CUS has expanded capacity and the venue will tentatively be at the Nest, followed with an after party (location TBA).

At this presentation, Jared Freedman, Awards Night Char, provided a walk though of the evaluation process for clubs and services to clarify the procedure and ensure fairness in evaluations.

The model has also been modified for the clubs evaluation process where only one event per term will be evaluated.

Action items:

  • Ensure that all CUS affiliated clubs are schedule for evaluation
  • Ensure all conferences are listed for evaluation
  • Create an Awards Committee within Board of Directors and Executive Council to foster accountability, efficiency, and fairness in evaluations. As such, this will require necessary policy reviews.

Goal: To ensure that clubs and conferences are being evaluated as fairly as possible in order for recipients of awards such as CLUB OF THE YEAR and CONFERENCE OF THE YEAR are representative.

See the presentation at the 24:45 minute mark.

See the Board’s discussion process at the 1:49:05 minute mark.

Board and executive Update:

Board Update:

AMS Representatives’ Report                                                                           2:38 minute mark

  • Council passed motion for students to boycott UBC food services in response to the recent international student increases
  • A commerce student feedback report on international tuition increase will be released
  • AMS block party will be taking place in thunderbird stadium on a trial run basis this year
  • $600,000 loss due to the delay opening of The Nest as well as lost traffic

Commerce Student Senator Report:                                                               6:30 minute mark

  • Senate meeting on November 18th at 6:00pm in the basement of IBK all welcome
  • Some topics that will be discussed are: Vantage College, new programs will be introduced, honorary degree nomination

Ombuds Report:                                                                                                9:00 minute mark

Executive Reports:

  • President update at:                                                                               10:53 minute mark
  • VP External Affairs update at:                                                              1:03:40 minute mark
  • VP Finance update at:                                                                          1:05:48 minute mark
  • VP Internal Affairs update at:                                                               1:15:20 minute mark
  • VP Marketing update at:                                                                      1:16:50 minute mark
  • VP Student Engagement update at:                                                     1:26:30 minute mark
  • VP Academic Affairs update at:                                                            1:00:53 minute mark

Committee Reports at:                                                                                      2:47:38 minute mark

Ombudsperson’s Discussion

Juvan our ombudsperson has accepted a job offer in HK for term 2 and thus will not be able to fulfill her duty as the ombudsperson.

Action item: Amend the code so that the Ombudsperson elected in January will take office immediately rather than the official turnover date (April 1st).

Goal: Ensure the CUS has an accessible Ombudsperson to serve the needs of our students.

See the discussion at the 1:42:31 minute mark


Alison Cheng has been nominated and voted into the Academic Committee

Taylor Carter and Vadim Chernenko has been nominated and voted into the Building Users Committee


See the live stream of the event here.