BMMP Application Deadline April 8

The Brand Management Mentorship Program Application Deadline is April 8! The BMMP has opened doors for dozens of students to date in the extremely competitive field of brand management. This year, we have opened the program to third years for internship roles in addition to fourth years for full-time roles.  The hope is that this will further the number of successful job placements of talented Sauder students in the highly competitive CPG industry

Send the following information 2pm PST, April 8, 2011 to

1) Résumé
One Page only
Grammatical and spelling errors will not be tolerated
2) Cover letter of why you belong in this program
3) Scanned copy of your grades
4) Written acknowledgement of time involved and your commitment to follow through with the program

Applicants will be notified via email by Noon Thurs April 15 if they will proceed to the next step (screening interview).

The CPG industry is one that has very few jobs each year for the gold-star firms. The CPG sector in Marketing is equivalent to the investment banking sector in Finance.  A few dozen positions exist at most in the most coveted positions each year across the country. Sauder students have historically never been considered for 99% of these roles, as the recruiting plans of such firms focus on Queens, Laurier and sometimes Schulich or McGill. TheBMMP’s goal is to set the students up with the job-skills as well as job-search skills they need to crack the industry. Those that are absolutely top-notch receive a personalized introduction to the few firms that are usually hiring only 1 or 2 new grads across Canada each year. The odds are incredibly steep, but even getting a shot at an interview is more than what Sauder students used to get before the existence of the BMMP.

Over the last 3 years, our alumni have landed roles at:

Kraft – 2 alumni
Colgate – 2 alumni + 1 in discussions for post-grad role
Unilever – 3 alumni
Cola-Cola – 3 alummni
Novartis – 1 alumni + 1 offer
Pepsi QTG – 1 alumni
Electronic Arts (brand marketing) – 1 alumni
P&G – 2 alumni
Cosette – 1 alumni
Noise Digital – 1 alumni
MindShare – 1 alumni
Padulo Advertising – 1 alumni
CPG Strategy Consulting – 1 alumni
Telus LDP – 2 alumni
Maple Leaf Foods- 1 alumni
Shaw/CanWest Marketing – 1 offer
Molson-Coors – 1 alumni
SC Johnson – 1 offer