BizzComm: Etiquette and Netiquette

“ZOMG! I <3 your company! I want to work for you, add me on fb and we’ll talk!”

We all know that if you want to be considered for a position, that is definitely not what you want your first impression to be.
But how do you start up conversations with unfamiliar people ?
How do you speak effectively and leave a lasting impression on the listener?
What is the proper etiquette when you meet someone and what is the proper “netiquette” for when you are writing an e-mail?

UBC Bizzcomm has got you covered!

You can’t miss this upcoming event:  Etiquette and Netiquette event! Chad Gibson, a professional business coach from Chad Gibson and Associates Ltd. will be here to share with us his 3-Step Communication Model and how it will allow us to speak professionally in a natural way.

Also as a special treat, We have invited a second speaker to build your skills!
Phillipe Desroches from Sauder Career Services will also be at the event speaking on building great business connections.

Come join us this Friday, 4:30-7:00pm in Birmingham; there will be an interactive session, plus a coffee & break with food provided by UBC Food Services.

For more information regarding this upcoming event: