AVP Marketing and Communications Resignation

Effective immediately, Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications Renzelle Mendoza has resigned from her position on the CUS Service Council. Renzelle has been an incredibly vital part of the marketing portfolio this past year, and has aided in the delivery of several large CUS initiatives. However, due to personal reasons, Renzelle is unable to continue in her role. Renzelle’s enthusiasm, work ethic, and positive attitude will truly be missed by the entire CUS team.


Following Renzelle’s resignation, the marketing portfolio will hire a third Digital Media Coordinator in the place of the AVPM role. This will ensure that the marketing team has the support that they require, and encompasses the overall marketing expansion strategy created late last year with the creation of the Digital Media Coordinator role.


The following is a statement from Renzelle regarding her time in the CUS:


Resigning from my position as Associate Vice-President, Marketing and Communications has been an incredibly difficult decision. I am leaving behind a wonderful team and I will truly miss working with Evan, Fiza, Annie, Stephanie and the whole marketing portfolio. With that being said, I have no doubt in my mind that the marketing team will continue to thrive and are in good hands under Evan’s guidance.

When I look back at my time working with the CUS, I will remember all the late nights, crazy ideas and dinners with a very fond smile on my face. It isn’t too often in life that people are gifted the opportunity to have another family. The CUS may not have been the family I was born with, but it was the family I chose. It was truly an honour working with so many passionate and brilliant individuals.

I hope that if anyone is thinking of joining the CUS, please do not hesitate or be worried! My resignation is not a reflection of how I feel about the CUS. I would stay if I were physically able to. I hope the CUS becomes the family you choose too.

Renzelle M.