The 2010 CUS elections are fast approaching, be sure to attend one of the elections informational meetings if you want to be a first year representative.

Elections Informational Meetings



For all first year students who are interested in becoming a candidate for the CUS FIRST YEAR REPRESENTATIVES (3 available positions), and hoping to receive more information with regard to the elections process.



  1. Learn more about CUS in terms of the elections procedure & the general structure of CUS
  2. Pick up the Nomination Form
  3. Features a marketing workshop, learn how to succeed in BRANDING yourself within the elections
  4. Networking session with CUS Executive Representatives and Board of Director Representatives


Informational Meeting 1

Sept 8. 2010 (Wedn.) 5:30- 6:30pm @ David Lam Amphitheatre, Dlam 142

Informational Meeting 2

Sept 9. 2010 (Thursday) 12:30-1:30pm @ Henry Angus, HA 293

(same session as meeting 1 but on a different date)


*All attendees will be provided with REFRESHMENTS. (ONE HOUR Session, Limited Seats)


Please don’t hesitate to contact Jenny Zhou, Elections Officer via if you have any questions.