Announcing New Inclusivity and Community Initiatives

The UBC Commerce Undergraduate Society (CUS) is honoured to present to you the creation of two new student representative positions as part of our commitment towards supporting both equity practices, and in supporting the personal wellness and development of all of its students.

LGBTQ2+ Student Representative(s)

The business world, while widely known to be constrained by conservative practices, has seen increased momentum in the celebration of diversity and inclusion. In particular, there has been special emphasis on the support of the LGBTQ2+ community, a group that has been continuously discriminated against. Widespread discrimination has led to the topic becoming both sensitive and divisive, resulting in an isolating culture of silence.

UBC has always prided itself on being a current, diverse and welcoming learning environment, and the Commerce faculty is no exception. The CUS seeks to take action through the creation of the LGBTQ2+ Representatives.

Not only does our initiative follow through on the CUS’ commitment towards providing support for all of our students, we also aim to provide a community that keeps pace with the business industry’s most equitable practices. As such, the CUS seeks to encourage this conversation among students at the UBC Sauder School of Business.

The LGBTQ2+ Representatives embody the CUS promise to support the equal treatment, understanding and acceptance of people of all sexual orientation and gender identities. Through their efforts in promoting, educating and engaging students in the LGBTQ2+ discourse, the CUS aims to create a transparently open and welcoming space for LGBTQ2+ students and allies.

Sexual Violence Prevention Student Coordinator

Sexual assault and discrimination are issues that have been systematically plaguing the business community for years, and have only recently begun receiving increased attention. Most recently, the #MeToo movement shed light on the pervasiveness of sexual violence in all industries. As future business leaders, it is imperative that our students be educated in how to hold their future workplaces accountable to anti-harassment policies, and be positive forces in bringing about change at the grassroots level.

The CUS takes into account the feedback of students when assessing and creating initiatives. We continue to acknowledge past concerns over the impact from sexist and harassing Frosh chants. Coupled with the rising campus-wide movement against sexual violence, we are taking initiative this year by responding at the faculty undergraduate society level. The Commerce Undergraduate Society has always, and continues to unequivocally disapprove of any behaviour from its students or student leaders that enables or encourages sexual violence. As such, we are moving forward as a community to continue improving on our promises and living up to our values by supporting prevention and support services.

In keeping with this commitment, the CUS will work together with our partners at UBC and the AMS to incorporate the proper training in the onboarding processes of our Board of Directors and Executive Council. Furthermore, the CUS is implementing the position of Sexual Violence Prevention Student Coordinator, representing our commitment towards fostering a respectful environment free of sexual misconduct. Through the Coordinator’s efforts in promoting, educating and engaging students in the discussion of socialized sexual violence and tactics of prevention, our students will be educated and well-suited to become industry leaders capable of making a change.

It should be made clear that neither of these positions are meant to be sought-after for counselling. Instead, the two positions will be educating the student body on the resources best suited to their needs, by remaining current on available support both on and off-campus.

We would like to extend special thanks to the staff at the UBC Equity & Inclusion Office, the UBC Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office, the AMS Sexual Assault Support Centre, and the Sauder Undergraduate Office who have provided valuable feedback and continue to be involved in the process of the development of these positions.

This year, we officially presented our three values in our CUS Vision 2018-19 document. Beyond simply our commitment to Personal, Professional and Academic Excellence, the CUS holds itself to values of Accountability, Community and Empowerment. Through the development of these positions, we hope to empower the Sauder community to educate themselves, and boldly hold themselves and their peers accountable to a higher standard of respect and acceptance towards others.

We continue to fulfill our vision of creating a safer and more inclusive community through the outreach and education of available support resources, and community-building initiatives.

We look forward to the continuous improvement and development of these roles, and the betterment of the Sauder community through your faith and cooperation.

For any inquiries regarding either role and the CUS’ position, please visit our hiring page or contact Priscilla Choi, Vice-President of External Affairs, at