AMS Report #12 – Shinerama raises $40K, Your Student Fees increase by $1

AMS Meeting
My sincere apologies for posting this extremely late, but I hope you like the new!

Shinerama exceeds goal by 13%!  

Shinerama, the largest post-secondary fundraiser results! We exceeded goal our goal by 13% and raised $39,500.  Check out video here.  Great Vid by Hollis Mason. Special shout outs to the Greek System and the UBC Acapella Group.

Congratulations to the EUS on their new student space!
After 7 years of negotiations with UBC, they finally got it!  I heard there will be video games? But we got free coffee AND a pool table 🙂

AMS EXECUTIVE [note-worthy] Updates:

  1. Bike Kitchen got 1000 signatures and student fees will be raised by $1 for the bike kitchen
  2. January is sexual assault awareness month.  Check out
  3. Have you been to the Presidential Bartalks? Check them out at the Gallery in the SUB.  Upcoming Topic: Economics and Science of Happiness, and the one after that: Ethics of Artificial Intelligence

What’s going on outside Sauder?

  • Koerner’ pub opening again.. TBA
  • Nursing and Engineering are having a tea event
  • Weekly Bake sale Wednesdays 12pm at Forestry building
  • Land & Foods: $5 dinners at Macmillan every Wednesday


U-Pass – Passed
$30/month until April 2013, $35/month until April 2014
$36.75/month until May 2015
$38/month afterwards

General Meeting Quorum Reduction – Passed
Reduced from 2% to 1% student attendance for General Meeting Quorum.
Previous meetings never met quorum despite free rock concerts, promotions etc.

Fun way to end the night: Hans (Engineering Rep) suggests to fail Finance committee minutes and VP Finance storms out of Meeting…

Peace & Love,

your ams rep

Next meeting: Wednesday, Jan.23 @ 6PM in the SUB