AMS Rep Update 1

AMS Representative Report:

Thank you for your interest and support. One of my biggest goals throughout my campaign has been to increase awareness of the AMS to commerce students, and while I truly feel that this year more than ever, Sauder students are taking an interest in AMS affairs, there are still areas where communication between the two can be greatly improved.

This is where my efforts come in. My name is Ekaterina Dovjenko, but due to my horrendously unpronounceable name, I normally go by Kat, and I am honoured to be the Commerce Undergraduate Society’s AMS Representative. Along with the CUS president, I sit on AMS council and deal with issues that strive to “enhance student life”. My first official meeting was this past Wednesday, and despite having a fever and a headache, I was still very much impressed by the efficiency of the meeting and by the sincere passion all councillors had for the student body. I only hope that throughout my term, I will not only exhibit that passion, but also put it to work. I will try to leave my opinions dutifully on my desk as I recount the main issues and how ultimately, they affect you, the Sauder student:

– As you may have already heard, the UBC Senate passed the Credit/D/Fail course system. In the most basic terms, this system allows a student to take classes (up to 12 credits) outside their major–classes he/she would not normally take– and opt to have the class simply count as a Pass/D or Fail as opposed to an actual percentage. The class would not count towards your GPA and will allow you to explore different disciplines without being punished by low marks. Unfortunately, the system still has a way to go in terms of getting it on the registration system and will take up to two years to be fully up and running. Last council meeting, the AMS voted unanimously to support the Pass/D/Fail system.

– On April 7th 2009, hundreds of supporters will walk across campus to support the UBC Farm during the first ever Great Farm Trek. Whether you are a die-hard supporter, or someone more sceptical, I challenge you to take a few hours of your time and do the trek. This way, when the farm issue come up, you’ll actually know where it is! While this issue may be somewhat controversial, I truly believe in the importance of going out, meeting people that may or may not share your views, and formulating your own personal opinion. Last council meeting, the AMS voted in favour of funding the Great Farm Trek $11,000 from the President’s Fund.

– The BC-STV is a new provincial voting system proposed to replace our current first-past-the-post system. While I myself found it confusing to understand, it basically allowed voters to elect multiple MLA within their constituencies. One of the main issues that was brought up was whether or not this support would ultimately benefit UBC students and add value. Last council meeting, the AMS voted against an official support for the BC-STV initiative.

– Lastly, councillors as well as MAL (members-at-large) were appointed to sit on various hiring and operational committees. This brings a point I find really really really important. I urge you, the Sauder student, to find out more about sitting as a MAL on these committees. There is a wide variety and if you are looking to gain experience, this is a great way to learn more about student government! Our next official meeting is May 6th and there we will be formulating the existing committees and adding on more. I challenge you to attend OR send me a 200 words blurb on why you would be a good MAL candidate. I will definitely be sending in more information closer to that date.

As for me personally, I currently am sitting on three AMS committees as well as one within the CUS BoD. I am buzzing with excitement and can’t wait to get settled down and start planning it all. Remember, all of you are welcome to attend BoD meetings and AMS meetings. Also, please e-mail me your questions, concerns and blurbs at

Thanks so much!

Your neighbourhood friendly AMS Rep