AMS REP Report Take Two

Overall theme: human trafficking and table banging
Date: Wednesday, May 6th 6:17pm-12:30ish
Time I got home to Surrey: 1:45am
Time I went to bed: 2:30am
Time I woke up for work: 7:30am

Last Wednesday’s meeting, if I could equate it to anything, was like a college party: it was long, had some highlights in between, but ultimately so much happened that remembering the next morning proved difficult. I will try to recount relevant details again leaving my personal opinions behind as best I can. I urge anyone interested, however, to consult the minutes or talk to the execs/councillors.

Fresh faced and bushy-tailed, we listened intently to the executive’s address: UBC not becoming NCAA, Farmtrek and BlockParty a success, Imagine a big priority this year for the AMS, Hiring for service coordinators and other positions almost completed, accounting software (yay accounting!) implemented, Bluechip improving coffee and will be offering chilled drinks, condensed version of the SUB renewal survey results will be posted soon, water fountains to be installed in the SUB soon (yay!), an equity and diversity coordinator has been hired, liquor policies being looked over, compensation review for AMS positions, BC ELECTIONS (vote please), services review in process etc.

CODE: We reviewed a few things in code and recommended the code and policy review committee to take a look at them, most notably the clause stating that an AMS employee cannot hold more than one position at a time.

SENATE: We appointed three members-at-large to the UBC senate (to the best of my knowledge, one is from commerce!). Next year, I hope that the process will be more democratic but unfortunately appointing/hiring/electing anybody is always a tricky balancing act.

SCIENCE FEE: We approved the faculty of science to index their fee levy to the CPI. Unfortunately, there was some debate as to which CPI to use as there are multiple and into the actual logistics of the fee. The main reason for this fee indexing was to counteract the loss of purchasing power and the decreasing amounts of liquid cash due to the construction of the Lahda centre. The motion carried and now science is awaiting final approval from the BoG.

COMMITTEE APPOINTMENTS: Councillors as well as members-at-large (MALs) were appointed to a variety of committees. I know some were commerce students, so I congratulate those who got involved in these committees! I also congratulate all the councillors and I know that next year, we will have some amazing talent on each of the committees. For all those wishing to join a committee as a MAL, please inquire by e-mailing me at As for me, I currently sit on three committees: External policies review committee, Appointments Review Committee, and the Equity and Diversity Committee (should not be confused with expanding the AMS’ equity and diversifying its portfolio) and if you should have any questions/comment please please please e-mail/call/track me down and I would be more than willing to listen.

And now the fun stuff…

ACF: For any regular university student, one at say a university on a “mountain”, ACF could stand for All Campus Fun, A Complete Festival, Another Cool Factor, Arts Charitable favour, or Actually Corporately Fooled, but for UBC students, ACF has always stood for Arts County Fair. Personally, I never got the chance to experience ACF, but speaking with older students, I know that for many it was like a second Christmas- a day where students would stumble across campus and party their little hearts (and livers) out to good music, good friends and all around mayhem. The gem of the AUS, ACF was famous for being the largest student-run benefit concert in Canada (and maybe even North America). For 16 amazing years, ACF brought happiness, random hook-ups and increased student moral. Then financial troubles occurred and ACF was forced to cancel forever….or so we thought. I’m not going to delve into this in great detail as I don’t know everything about the ACF ordeal, but in all honesty, if you have questions, any arts councillor would be able to answer them for you or again, e-mail me and I’ll try my best to inform you. This past meeting, ACF debt of $35, 062.04 was pardoned from the president’s fund. This, however, does not necessarily mean that ACF will be reinstated, but it does about the door for the AUS to improve upon their services and help their clubs and ultimately their students. I would like to recognize the arts constituency’s hard work in getting this motion passed, and while I wasn’t particularly fond of some of their methods, I know their finances are in good hands and I look forward to their many initiatives.

WHISTLER RENOS: Whistler lodge will be improved, getting it ready for 2010. The past meeting $16,000 was approved to spend on renovations.
And lastly…

PARTISANSHIP: As a commerce student, along with never taking a course in ethics or equity (ironic), I have yet to take a course in political science, so please bear with me as I try to best recount the current discrepancy with regards to AMS’s “perceived” partisanship of a certain political party. If you go to the AMS website and click on the political report card, you will be surprised to see that each party running has been given a letter grade with regards to how well they will benefit students. Having a letter grade attached to each candidate, while is useful and was created with no ill-intentions, can be perceived by others as supporting one candidate over the other. The AMS, however, is non-partisan, which basically means that it does not support any political party. Instead, the AMS urges students like you to look into each candidate’s platform, research, vote and decide for yourself. The AMS does not and should never completely support one candidate; the AMS takes a stance on issues, not parties, and supports what it deems best for students. Therefore, I challenge you, as future business leaders, to take a long hard look at all the candidate’s platforms and the proposed STV reform, and on May 12th, follow your heart (and head) and vote.

And that’s it! A big thank you to all the support staff and students that come out! Next meeting is May 27th.

Memorable quotes:
“The SUB will be built, even if Crystal and I have to build it ourselves”-Blake
“If you ever need ice cream, just let me know” –Johannes
“You don’t have to sell your souls to the corporate world”-Tom
“I hope that I can take it off and wear an AMS sweater”-AJ [referring to the ACF sweater he was wearing]