AMS Meeting Recap – January 13th, 2016

Happy Saturday! Welcome to the first AMS Meeting recap (recaps posted every two weeks), read on to find out about what the AMS has been talking about this week: This week at the AMS:

  1. Join the Presidential Search UBC needs a new President, and the AMS is helping to find him/her. This week Aaron Bailey reported on the presidential search announcing that the committee is currently developing a position profile. The desired qualifications and priorities of the UBC President is currently undergoing consultation. Currently Councillors have expressed a desire for a President with the following: leadership abilities, approachability, a passion for UBC, and a commitment to transparency, innovation, diversity and awareness of the needs of students. Join the search by submitting an email, letter or in person to the AMS. Aaron Bailey’s Presidential Search Office Hours: Tuesday, January 19th 2016, 12:30-2:00pm in the Lev Lounge, AMS Student Nest.
  2. AMS Elections AMS Elections are now happening and the nomination period has officially begun! Run for an AMS Position or vote for your favourite candidates, visit the website for more information. Voting will take place February 28th-March 4th
  3. Old and New Sub Renovations Update VP Administration Ava Nasiri announces that Old SUB renovations may be taking place sooner than expected. In addition, the AMS is working on bringing swings into the Student Nest.
  4. UBC Build Broadway Campaign Successful VP External Jude Crasta announces that the Provincial Government has come out in favour of extending the new rapid transit line to UBC instead of stopping at Arbutus.
  5. Faculty Cup is Coming Soon! Ladies and Gentleman the UBC’s third annual faculty cup is coming your way! There will be competitions between the faculties in non-traditional sports along with a well being fair. Visit the Faculty Cup Website for more information.

Next Meeting: Wednesday January 27th, 2016 @ 6pm; Michael Kingsmill Forum, AMS Student Nest See you all next week! Katherine and Lisa