HeWe Executive Hiring 2019-20

HEWE IS HIRING! If you’re looking for a family of food puns, wholesomeness, and giving back to the community, then HeWe is the pizza your life you want! Peas peas peas check out our hiring package to see what position you want to apple-y for! We are so egg-cited to meat you and carrot wait to see what you have to bring to HeWe!


We are hiring for:

🍋 VP Mental Wellness (1)

🍋 VP Logistics (2)

🍋 VP Corporate Relations (2)

🍋 VP Social Engagement (1)

🍋 VP Graphic Design (1)

🍋 VP Videography (1)

🍋 VP Finance/Internal (1)

🍋 Convention Director/Co-Directors


Join the pear-fect team by:

  1. Taco look at our hiring package: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1cf9FZK6Nz2dGGX5Tev490wOecEzYCa-9/view?usp=sharing

  2. Filling in this Google form: https://goo.gl/forms/Qe20O4hk8jvzjO8j2

  3. Emailing your one-page resume and other supplemental documents to both Taryn and Janice at taryn.jessop@cus.ca and janice.lan@cus.ca with the naming convention FirstChoicePosition_FirstName_LastName. ***For VP Graphic Design and VP Videography candidates, peas also include a portfolio (for VP Graphic Design) or short clip (VP Videography) of your recent work with the same naming convention (FirstChoicePosition_FirstName_LastName)!

DONUT DELAY! APPLICATIONS ARE DUE ON MARCH 29TH AT 11:59PM! Thank you to the Sauder community for all the love and support we have gotten this year! We ap-peach-iate every mo-mint we’ve had this year together!