CUS Lockers

Locker Rentals by Term

Locker Rental

The CUS is pleased to offer locker rentals to Sauder students. For just $15 a term, you no longer have to carry your textbooks around all day!

As of January 2017, we have made slight changes to the locker registration process. This change is being made to improve the efficiency of the locker allocation process to students. Starting 2017, all lockers allocated by the CUS will be governed by the CUS Locker Policy.

You can pay for your locker here. Your locker request will then be processed within 10 business days according to preferences provided

Note that if you place your lock on a locker other than the one assigned to you it will be promptly cut. Your belongings will then be held in the CUS office for a month if you want to collect them.

Please contact the Associate Vice-President Internal, Kelvin Tsai at if you have any questions.