CUS Student Lounge

CUS Student Lounge

Boasting a pool table and recreational space, coffee machines, a fridge for your lunch, bookable meeting rooms, and office space for the Executives of the Commerce Undergraduate Society, the CUS Lounge is a critical part of the building for BComs of all years. Whether you need to meet someone to sell a textbook, grab a cup of coffee in the morning, or put up a poster to advertise your club’s awesome new event, the CUS Lounge is one of the central hubs of the building.

In order to maintain security, the student lounge can only be accessed with an activated UBC student card. In order to access the Lounge, you can activate you card in one of two ways.


1) E-mail with your (1) full name, (2) 8-digit student #, (3) program of study (e.g. BCOM).

2) Go to HA 447, the Sauder Office Administration rooms and fill out a form at the front desk with the numbers and information on your student card.


All incoming BCOM students are automatically given access to the lounge. However, any students that pick up their UBC card in the first week of September won’t be part of that first access-granting batch, and will likely need to request access. Please try unlocking the CUS lounge with your cards first to see if you already have access before they make a request with