CUS Stickers

Gain access to CUS events by showing your CUS sticker on your student card to prove you are in fact a commerce student and a part of the CUS.

CUS Stickers

This year, through several of our services we have noticed a higher amount of non-CUS students. As much as we would like to accommodate everyone, this is not the mission of the CUS which is to provide value to the Sauder undergraduate students in which they pay a student fee for. It is unfair for our students to be denied a CUS service event/program/conference because a non-CUS student who does not pay the CUS fee is taking their place. There is also a factor of accountability and responsibility when having non-CUS students join our events.

Because of this, we wanted a way to distinguish CUS students from non-CUS students as we are not able to scan student cards. We will be giving a few sheet of CUS stickers to each service chair where the team will have to verify the students are in BCOM before placing a sticker on their student card. This can be done by checking time tables/ SSC. 

We understand it is a bit of a hassle at first, but it’s a short term pain long term gain kind of deal! Please note, you must place the sticker on their students card and not anywhere else, such as their phone.

Stickers are available from CUS Service Chairs as well at the CUS office.