From the elected Board of Directors to the hired Executive Council, Service Council, and Commissions they are the talented people behind the Commerce Undergraduate Society.

Meet the People

Service Council

The Service Council is responsible for running all of the events and services of the CUS.  They are appointed by the Executive Council.  Each Service Council member reports to their respective Vice-President.  Many Service Council members also hire committees responsible for various aspects of their event, conference or service.

Presidential Portfolio

Daphne Tse

Natalie Yu
Administrative Director

Cobie Damsel & Julyna Jadulang
Human Resources Co-Directors |

Liam Adams
Information Technology Director

Bob Zhang
Information Technology Associate

Finance Portfolio

Matthew Yong
Vice-President, Finance

Ajit Joseph
Co-Associate Vice-President, Finance

Kimberly Tay
Co-Associate Vice-President, Finance





External Portfolio

Stanley Yu
Vice-President, External Affairs

Albert Cherng
AVP, External Affairs

Meredith Lyu & Sara Da
Executive Mentorship Program Co-Directors |

Manveer Tatla & Rebecca Ketler
Imprint Co-Chairpersons |

Katherine Pan & Philip Wong
National Strategic Consulting Conference Co-Chairs

Internal Portfolio

Phoebe Wong
Vice-President, Internal Affairs

Kelvin Tsai
Associate Vice-President, Internal Affairs

Kristi Wong & Vivian Lam
Awards Night and Recognitions Chairpersons |

Jocelyn Kwong
Business Week Chairperson

Ryan Crasta & Shobhit Sahu
Elections Co-Chairpersons

Sandy Ma and Judy Sin
Sustainability Co-Director |

Academic Portfolio

Sapnil Mohanty
Vice-President Academic Affairs

Aaron Sim
Associate Vice-President, Academic Affairs

Ivy Hui & Sarah Wang
Case Competition Club Co-Chairpersons |

Jennifer Zhang
Class Liaison Director

Galen Wang
Commerce Mentorship Program Director

Hannah Chiang

Grace Hur & Genesia Tang
JDC West Team Captains

Marketing Portfolio

Evan Zhou
Vice-President, Marketing and Communications

Fiza Sandhu
Public Relations Director

Stephanie Wu
Digital Media Coordinator

Annie Chen
Digital Media Coordinator

Michelle Wong
Campus AmbaSauder Program Director

Lizzy Ojo
The Cavalier Editor

Rachel Tseng & Alicia Ho
Visual Media Co-Directors |

Iris Zhang
Yearbook and Prospectus Editor

Engagement Portfolio

Chris Bolton
Vice-President, Engagement

Maggie Yip
Associate Vice-President, Engagement

Caitlin Lim & Pavani Chungh
Commerce Community Program Co-Chairpersons |

First-Year Committee Chairperson

Johnny Tam
Graduation Night Chairperson

Rimi Iizuka & Marina Chun
Sauder International Student Association Co-Chairs |

Ryan Beach
P.O.I.T.S. Director

Annalise MacDonald
Sauder Sports Director

Sally Lee 
Sauder Health & Wellness Chairpersons