Stanley Yu

The VP External Affairs manages a portfolio of conferences and services, as well as relations with external parties. The purpose of the portfolio is to provide students with experiences that will prepare them for the real world and connect them with the people and opportunities that will enable this.

About Stanley

Stanley is a fourth year specializing in Business Technology Management. With an interest in technology, Stanley is interested in exploring the intersection of business and innovation. As the VP External, Stanley will be overseeing a portfolio of Sauder’s flagship conferences and a corporate relations team working on finding external sponsors to support the CUS.

In his spare time, Stanley is an avid foodie, Netflix binge-watcher, movie buff, and professional napper. In his second and third years in Sauder, Stanley was involved in UBC Social Enterprise Club, Awards Night, Business Week, Enactus UBC, and UBC BizTech.

Having been heavily involved in the CUS via clubs and services, Stanley has found an incredible support network of peers and gained valuable skills beyond his classroom education. Going into his fourth year, Stanley saw the VP External position as a perfect opportunity to give back to the student body and add value to the organization with his experiences planning various events and conferences.

Goals for the year:

  • Strengthen the sponsorship portfolio on two fronts: transparency and accountability.
  • Establish a sustainable system of corporate sponsors for future CUS corporate relations teams.
  • Drive up conference quality and establish Sauder’s reputation as a premier outlet for business engagements.
  • Support services with a network of accessible resources and approachable hours.
  • Create impact while having fun!