Simran Cheema

As one of your AMS Representative, Simran along with Julien serve as channels connecting the AMS student government with the CUS and its Constituents. Her role is to best represent our Constituents' interests in achieving their professional and academic success, and to communicate valuable resources available to them.

About Simran

Simran is a 2nd year Sauder student who is hoping to specialize in marketing. Having always resided in Vancouver, she is a local enthusiast of the wonders of this city, and is happy to be spending the next few years in Raincouver! In her spare time you can find Simran playing soccer, giving speeches on various debate teams, and probably eating some form of potato, all while jamming out to some Kanye.

Student government has always been a large passion of Simran’s and she is ready to engage in enhancing the student experience at Sauder this year. She believes strongly that the school should be a direct reflection of the students’ wishes, and hopes to make that a reality.

Goals for the year:

  • Probe the AMS successfully
  • develop connections and relationships with members of the council from different faculties
  • be an effective communicator between the AMS and the CUS