Sapnil Mohanty

This role entails overseeing all of the student run initiatives offered at the Sauder School of Business. This includes the Commerce Mentorship Program, Case Competition Club, JDC West, Class Liaison Director, Sauder Business Review and External Conference.

About Sapnil

Sapnil is a fourth year Sauder student who is specializing in Accounting and wants to pursue his CPA designation in Canada. He is from a small city in eastern India where people hardly know UBC exists! His friends like to call him ‘Sap’ – a shortened version of his complicated 2 syllable name. During his free time, apart from watching Friends on Netflix while munching on some snacks, he likes to hang out with his friends, go around Vancouver trying out new places to eat and try new hiking trails. He loves travelling to new places and intends to explore more of BC and Canada during his time here.

Throughout his three years, Sapnil has mostly been involved in organizations that enhance student life experience at UBC. He has been extensively involved with Jump Start, Imagine Day and Spark orientation programs. He has also worked at the Sauder Undergraduate Office as a Commerce Peer Advisor and as an International Student Coordinator assisting in the Vancouver summer programs. Last year, he was part of the CUS as one of the third-year representatives in the board, and also an executive for Sauder Grad Night 2017. He has also volunteered for UBC TACS and in the CLC as an Academic Success Coach.

The only criterion that Sapnil uses to assess whether or not to get involved in something is whether the organization or student group has a potential to leave an impact. He saw CUS clearly providing value to its members through its various clubs and services and decided that it is best to get involved and contribute in an organization that caters to the needs different communities within Sauder itself.

Goals for the year: 

  • Revaluation of services offered within the Academic Portfolio and by the faculty: Working with the CLC to form a strong two way relationship between the CUS and CLC. While we help increase the awareness of the various services available at the CLC, we will seek their support in providing better professional development opportunities for the CUS academic services.
  • Improve working relationship between the faculty and the CUS: Some of my priorities in this area include working with the UGO to revamp the class liaison program, obtain historical data to tailor our services to meet student needs, seek out faculty support for JDC West and other Case Competitions.
  • Seek out opportunities to better enhance the academic experience of Sauder students: Learning from both other faculties at UBC and other North American universities to fill any void in overall academic experience of a Sauder student.