Ryan Kamimura

As one of your AMS Representative, Ryan along with Namdar serve as channels connecting the AMS student government with the CUS and its Constituents. His role is to best represent our Constituents' interests in achieving their professional and academic success, and to communicate valuable resources available to them.

About Ryan

Ryan is an 18 year old student currently enjoying his second year at Sauder. He is extremely passionate and knowledgeable of all things in the athletic footwear industry. Whether it is Adidas, Nike or Air Jordan, he probably knows an unnecessarily copious amount of information about it. Moreover, Ryan hopes to pursue a Marketing career in said industry, even though his friends see him more as an accountant. Outside of school, he enjoys playing and watching soccer (Visca Barca) and going for runs around beautiful Steveston.

During his first year, Ryan was a member of CUS First Year Committee. Working on a small exec team of equally minded and driven students, they planned several social events aimed at fostering community and friendships within first year BCom students. Like any other first-year, he also attended a plethora of different conferences and club events. He especially enjoyed the Business Communication’s club (BizzComm) where he will be serving on the Corporate Relations Team this year. Ryan is also excited to serve as an AMS councilor on the Student Life and Leadership Committee (SLCC). SLCC manages the AMS’s relationship with the media, plans cool events around Campus, and basically do whatever else to engage the student body. Ryan is also continuing his Soccer career on “Expected Toulouse” his intramural soccer team he made with his friend last year.

Over the last year Ryan has realized the importance of putting himself out there, and seizing opportunities. He believes being a member of the CUS is not only a great way for himself to learn, but also to have a direct impact on student life within Sauder and UBC as a whole. For him, helping others succeed means he has succeeded as well. Ryan will put his heart and sole into all of his endeavors this year and like shoes, wants to be with you every step of the way.

Priorities for the year:

  • Engagement: I promise to be activity involved and engaged within our constituency. Just because the campaigning is over, doesn’t mean my active participation within Sauder will cease as well. In reality, I wish for my participation within the Sauder community to increase. Not only do I wish to listen to what the students want with their student government, but I also want to provide valuable information that can benefit my fellow students.
  • Interaction: I promise to always keep my communication channels open and efficient. In order for myself to accomplish my previous goal of engagement, I need to ensure that I am an effective communicator. I will respond to emails, Facebook, and any other social media medium within 24 hours. In addition, I wish to actively seek advice and/or feedback from as many of my constituents as possible.
  • Sustainability: I promise that every single project/initiative/impact I have on the Sauder community has the opportunity to continue onto future years. With a turnover every year, the CUS often experiences lengthy transition times. By making my actions sustainable, I wish to reduce this transition time bring greater continuity to subsequent student governments.


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