Phoebe Wong

As the Vice-President, Internal Affairs, Phoebe manages the internal workings of the CUS. From business card orders to room bookings to locker rentals, the internal portfolio makes sure that the CUS as a whole can continue to provide the fantastic student services, club involvement, and conferences to enrich the lives of BCom students.

About Phoebe

Phoebe is a third year student specializing in Human Resources and Business Technology Management. She absolutely loves travelling, whether it be near or far, and making a video to commemorate each trip. Phoebe also has a passion for sneakers, carbs, and desserts. Although she has lived in Burnaby her whole life, some have said she resonates with “East Van vibes”. Phoebe treks from Burnaby to Richmond often, so don’t be afraid to say hi if you see her at e-Spot or Bubble Queen!

Outside of the Commerce Undergraduate Society, she has been involved on campus in her past two years through Project U&G Dance Company and Chinese Varsity Club. In her spare time (or if she is procrastinating), Phoebe enjoys binge-watching tv shows, partaking in meaningful conversations with friends, and exploring new places.

Phoebe was once a first year who, like others, was lost in the Sauder Sea and didn’t know the difference between a club and a service. To get a better understanding, she decided to submerge herself further into the abyss by joining the CUS. After an amazing year as AVP Internal, Phoebe decided to join again this year to ensure everyone can have a great CUS experience as well.

Goals for the year:

  • Increase efficiency of internal processes through automation
  • Minimize unpaid locker use by improving locker management
  • Create a standardized form of evaluation for CUS Affiliation for clubs