Namdar Shafiei

As one of your AMS Representative, Namdar along with Ryan serve as channels connecting the AMS student government with the CUS and its Constituents. His role is to best represent our Constituents' interests in achieving their professional and academic success, and to communicate valuable resources available to them. Namdar is the current chair of the International Business Conference committee, he is also involved in many other committees.

About Namdar

Namdar was born in Iran and spent more than half of his life there before immigrating to Canada. He attended Sentinel Secondary from grades 8 through 12, and there he discovered his passion for the world of business technology and entrepreneurship. He decided early on in his academic career that he wanted to be a student at the Sauder School of Business, and through dedication and tremendous support from friends and family, he reached his goal in May of 2015.

Namdar is a huge clothing fanatic, with his top two favourite brands at the moment being Palace and Supreme. In addition, his favourite song artist and long time idol is Kanye West (JK he’s not my idol). He also loves cars, reading books and articles, computer science, and anything to do with commerce!

Before being elected as one of the AMS Representatives of the CUS, Namdar tried his best to be elected as a First Year Representative; he sadly wasn’t able to win, but kept being persistent and ran again, this time for the AMS Rep position, and won.

Namdar is very involved throughout Sauder, having attended many of the conferences and events hosted by the different clubs under the CUS umbrella. He’s also participated in numerous case competitions, but has yet to win one.

During his free time, Namdar can be spotted in Birmingham either studying, reading, or on his computer. If you see him, don’t be afraid to walk up to him and say hi. He’s pretty friendly and helpful so if you have any problems or concerns he’ll try his best to help you out. Also if you like talking about cars, watches, the NBA, and Kanye West, he’ll be more than happy to spend a few hours with you.

Namdar’s biggest objective throughout this year is to properly represent the CUS constituents within the AMS. Along with Ryan Kamimura, he hopes he’ll be able to increase student involvement and engagement around Sauder regarding AMS affairs.

Priorities for the year:

  • Improve interfaculty relationships
  • Promote involvement opportunities outside of the Sauder School of Business
  • Increase general knowledge regarding the resources provided by the AMS, and highlight the value & benefits they can add to students.


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