Michael Pratt

The Senator attends all UBC Senate meetings and Student Senate Caucus meetings to represent the best interest of the general membership of the CUS. He liaises with the university community, UBC Administration, President, Board of Governors and Chancellor.

About Michael

Going into Third Year without really knowing what specialization to choose, but enjoying every second of the Sauder experience. People say Pratt’s a bit of a hick because he loves country music and is from Langley, and to be honest they’re not too wrong. Also, if you couldn’t tell by now that Pratt’s political, you may be blind. As long as he’s either running on trails or he’s doing something political, Pratt’s happy.

When students come to Sauder, their priority isn’t learning about the CUS and getting involved with it. Their priority is finding out how the CUS can help them get the most out of their time at Sauder, and Pratt wants to help make that the main goal of the CUS: not to be just another club, but to actually help our fellow students.

Goals for the year:

  • As Senator, I want to ensure that the policies put forward to UBC’s Board of Directors have the best interests of all students, but especially those of Sauder students, at heart. Serving as Chairman of the CUS Board of Directors, I want to enable all of our Directors, VPs, and Club chairs to accomplish every goal they set for themselves and their organizations.