Maddie Zapach

As the Ombudsperson for the Commerce Undergraduate Society, Maddie maintains equity and fairness in all discussions, decisions, and solutions to any problems within the CUS at the Executive and Board levels. The Ombudsperson is a part of Budget Committee, Policy Committee, and Clubs Review Committee. She ensures that decisions are made with the mindset that all projects, events, and funding opportunities are to provide the most value possible to students, and she also strives to provide resources to guide students to the help that they need for general informational purposes, academic success, personal help, and more.

About Maddie

Maddie is a second year student with higher ambitions than grades. She fled Calgary, Alberta, sadly leaving behind two dogs and one brother. Her passions are exercise, musical theatre, amateur Spanish filmmaking, and grammar. When she’s not in her office, you can find her in CLC PASS sessions, at church, or in the room she is hoping to find in time for 2017W. Her large candy and tea reserves will serve the Sauder public well during her office hours. She has written articles for the Ubyssey, and also served as the VP Finance for last year’s First Year Committee. She was a part of the UBC Musical Theatre Troupe last year.

She is so excited for the opportunity to help Sauder students with any issues they might have, and to make her office into a welcoming and candy-filled environment for everyone.

Goals for the year: 

  • Create an “Omblog” where people can stay updated on office hours, CUS proceedings, and cool new resources on campus
  • Ensure fairness and equity in all CUS proceedings and for all students
  • Be as accessible to students as a human can be