Liam Adams

About Liam

A unique blend of the under-rated virtue of impatience, tempered by pragmatism and compassion, Liam is on a quest for elegant solutions that replace clumsy ones and solve messy problems. A natural problem-solver, Liam is in his 4th year completing a combined-major degree in business and computer science at UBC.

When not debating with friends and family about new ways of solving problems, Liam enjoys a good game of cricket, table tennis or chess. Liam has been involved with many UBC initiatives but chose to be a part of the CUS as a way of giving back to his own faculty and the Sauder community. He also enjoys meeting new people and has many opportunities to do that with CUS.

Goals for next year:

  • To expand the IT function’s role within the CUS
  • To align our IT strategy with overall CUS objectives
  • To support CUS services and members through the provision of secure and reliable information technology services