Evan Zhou

As Vice-President of Marketing and Communications, Evan acts as a communication liaison between the CUS and the student body, brand manages internally through day to day marketing operations and externally, by providing marketing guidance to all 42 services and affiliated clubs. The Marketing Portfolio adds significant value to the undergraduate experience by acting as the primary resource for students to get involved as well as a centralized core for all BCom students to interact and voice their opinion.

About Evan

Born in New York City and having spent his early childhood in China, Evan moved to Vancouver when he was 5 years old and has called it home ever since. He is entering his 2nd year and is currently interested in pursuing a career in marketing. He is passionate about photography and has a love for food.

During Evan’s second year, he was part of CUS Visual Media as a photographer, UBC International Business Club as VP Marketing, Creative Director for UBC Sauder International Students Association and 2nd Year Representation for the Commerce Undergraduate Society. Additionally, he is currently the Marketing and Communications Director for The Spark 2017. Whenever he is not busy doing marketing stuff, you can often find him talking peaceful walks around campus or exploring different restaurants.

As Vice-President Marketing and Communications, Evan has the opportunity to have a meaningful and wide impact on students and the Sauder Community. He has chosen to be involved in the CUS in this capacity because he truly wants to help foster a greater sense of community and belonging at Sauder. He wants to help connect students with opportunities and experiences.

Goals for the year:

  • Improve the communication of the resources and services that the CUS provides to the student body
  • Improve CUS’s Public Relations and help foster meaningful connections between the student body and the CUS Board of Directors/Executive Council
  • Improve the consistency of our social media channels
  • Provide more marketing support to our services
  • Implement an effective strategy for CUS’s Instagram account