Erwin Hsiung

As one of the Second Year Representatives, Erwin represents the interests of the students in his year while making decisions in the CUS regarding various policy and budget concerns. He is also responsible for engaging with and making himself as available as he can for his peers.

About Erwin

Erwin is a highly driven 2nd year commerce student attending UBC’s Sauder School of Business. As a second year preparing to declare his specialization for the upcoming year, he is still currently searching for his passion. But as of now, he intends pursue a double major in finance and business technology management.

Several hobbies Erwin enjoys are strumming the acoustic guitar, watching food-eating videos (mukbangs), playing sports such as volleyball and basketball, and working out. As well, he hope to take up photography and sharpen his cooking skills, during this summer. Aside from the CUS, Erwin is the VP Internal for the UBC Business Communications Club.

Erwin’s decision to be part of the CUS stems from wanting to solve student issues both inside and outside of the classroom, in order to enhance their university life. From becoming a mode of communication that links students to the CUS or generally, an approachable and friendly figure that one can confide in, Erwin wishes alleviate such issues.

Goals for the year:

My primary goal is to bridge the gap between international and domestic students, as well as with upper years. In order to achieve a healthier and brighter student life, interactivity is vital. With that being said, for first-years and many upper years as well, it can be difficult to step out of the comfort zone. Reaching out to others or even entering a completely new environment can be nerve-wrecking. That is why, I wish to create opportunities such as socials to encourage and motivate students to build more confidence in themselves and their interpersonal skills.