Chris Bolton

As VP Student Engagement, Chris oversees student facing services that are non-academic related. The Student Engagement portfolio offers a wide array of programs from community outreach initiatives, athletic services, to fun ways to destress. The Student Engagement portfolio focuses on developing the student community at Sauder.

About Chris

Chris is a third-year Business and Computer Science student from North Vancouver. As VP Student Engagement, his role within the CUS is to ensure that BCom students have a healthy and vibrant network of friends and mentors – whether that’s support health and wellness or just lending a hand at POITS. Chris has a passion for technology, community development, and the intersection of the two fields. He also loves chatting about what engagement means to his peers, so feel free to reach out (there might even be a free coffee involved)!

Chris is an active member of UBC’s technology community. Prior to joining the CUS, Chris was the Co-President of UBC BizTech, overseeing the club’s growth to 400 members and executing 20 engaging events throughout the year. Trust us, he’s a real nerd.

Chris believes that the CUS has a great opportunity (and responsibility) to foster a strong BCom community at Sauder, and hopes to work closely with other CUS portfolios, students, and faculty partners to achieve this vision. TL;DR: He’s in charge of the fun.

Goals for the year:

  • Provide high quality training to student leaders through Sauder Unlimited
  • Work with CUS services and faculty to identify student programming gaps and address them
  • Develop better internal tooling to give the CUS more insight into student opinions and needs
  • Foster inter-faculty relationships and connect BCom students to the broader UBC community
  • Lay a foundation of services and programming that allows students to build trust amongst themselves and their peers
  • Have a ton of fun!