Angela Dai

As one of the Second Year Representatives, Angela represents the interests of the students in her year while making decisions in the CUS regarding various policy and budget concerns. She is also responsible for engaging with and making herself as available as she can for her peers.

About Angela

Angela is in her second year at Sauder, intending to specialize in Finance. She believes in constant self-improvement, so she seeks challenges that push her outside her comfort zone! Currently, her biggest challenges are public speaking and networking. In her free time, she enjoys blogging; critics have said her blog is …very honest. You can find her wearing a green plaid jacket and sleeping on the 480 bus. If she happens to actually be awake, feel free to say hello to her!

Being an uninvolved student in high school, Angela unexpectedly fell in love with getting involved. She was the First Year Representative for UBC BizChina and the Corporate Relations Director for UBC International Business Club (IBC). Now, in her second year, she’s volunteering for orientations and joining Walter Gage Toastmasters to overcome her public speaking fears.

Being in CUS-affiliated clubs, she noticed that CUS was the backbone of CUS clubs, conferences, and services. What better way to give back than to join the CUS? Even though running for elections scared the daylights out of her, she is thankful she ran, since now she gets to work with such a welcoming and hardworking team!

Goals for the year:

  • Be a warm listener and confident advocate for second years, because she is always here for them!
  • Increase awareness for CUS clubs, conferences and services’ events and involvement opportunities
  • Better understand CUS through various committees