Abhishek Jha

Representing the interests of fourth year BCom students in making informed and responsible CUS governance decisions with an aim to maximize student learning experience at the Sauder School of Business.

About Abhishek

UBC’s Engineering program has a tremendous stability when it comes to career prospects but AJ likes to live dangerously and as such, he decided to transfer into the Sauder School of Business in 2015. He will be embarking on his final year of the BCom program while pursuing a double specialization in Accounting and Business Technology Management with a minor in Economics!

In his spare time, you can find AJ catching up on financial markets and technology news or exploring the outdoors. Over the past year, AJ has been a part of a few case competitions such as ThinkTech and JDC West where his team placed 2nd in Business Technology Management discipline.

AJ wasn’t too sure on how the CUS created and delivered value to undergraduate students, and as such, he decided to be a part of this organization to better understand and learn from one of the largest undergraduate student societies in Canada.

Goals for the year:

The CUS does an amazing job every year, however not all undergraduate students see the value that the CUS creates. AJ would like to better represent the fourth/fifth/sixth year students that fall into this category. He hopes to create or enhance existing services that are provide value to more students at UBC Sauder.