Governance Structure

The Commerce Undergraduate Society is run by its 900 volunteers

The Board of Directors is elected by the general student body to manage the strategic vision of the CUS.  The Board hires the Vice-Presidents of the Executive Council to execute that vision.  The Vice-Presidents hire the Service Councillors of the Service Council to manage the CUS’ individual services and events.  Many Service Councillors manage their own set of executives in Service Council Committees that assist them in fulfilling their Service Council duties.  Under the Service Council are Service Council General Committee members, which may include part-time or lower-level positions that provide support for each CUS service and event.

Candidacy Procedures

How Do I Run For A Position?

There are the following spots available for the upcoming election for the 2016-2017 school year:

  • Second-Year Representative (2)
  • Third-Year Representative (2)
  • Fourth-Year Representative (2)
  • AMS Representative (2)
  • Ombudsperson (1)
  • Senator (1)
  • President (1)

But how do I get any one of these amazing positions?

There are a few key steps that you’ll have to do to make it happen, for more information visit the CUS Elections website for more info.


Time Line

  1. January 4-6: Commerce Week Boothing promoting the information session
  2. January 6th @ 5:00 p.m: 2016 Elections Information session. Gives insight into what each of the positions do and the whole nomination/campaigning process. Prospective candidates are to get a nomination form here and have at least 20 signatures to at the all candidates meeting
  3. January 13th @ 5:30 p.m: 2016 Elections All Candidates Session. Discuss campaigning rules and electoral policy with candidates. After this meeting until the All Candidates Forum, CUS Elections will be promoting the election and candidates will be in full on campaign mode.
  4. January 27th (Time TBA): 2016 Elections All Candidates Forum: Candidates field questions from student body and CUS members. Voting opens at midnightafter this forum
  5. January 27-29thVoting Period opens
  6. January 30th: Winners of the elections are announced!